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Aftercare, Second Careers & Rehoming… These are all important issues to Stone Farm. They all point to the elephant in the room – thoroughbred racehorses are bred and raised for the track, but for many that period in their life is short. Even the most sound and robust runners spend less than a quarter of their lives on the track. Many go on to the breeding shed, but many need a new job.

Staci Hancock grew up riding off the track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s). During that time the Thoroughbred was the sport horse of choice for their athleticism, intelligence and courage. She went to pony club meetings, horse shows and trail rides on Thoroughbreds. Her dearest OTTB, Whose Sorry Now, competed with her throughout her high school years on the Kentucky Hunter-Jumper Circuit. Whose Sorry Now was athletic, competitive and a great partner, he always gave 100%.

Thoroughbreds are wonderful competitors, no matter what discipline. We have a responsibility as owners, breeders and those who touch the life of each horse on the track to give them a quality future whether it be in the breeding shed or in a second career. Arthur and Staci Hancock are proud of their advocacy in equine welfare issues; a ban on drugs and medication at the track, a ban on the slaughter of our equine athletes and finding Thoroughbred racehorses a second career.

At Stone Farm, we try to do our part. We attach contact information on all registration papers, we follow our horses at the track and when and if one is in need of support, we help place them in good hands and out of harms way. We hope you enjoy some of the stories of our Stone Farm Graduates.


Swordsman is one of the sweetest horses.  My barn name for him is Happy as he makes me happy with his loving demeanor. He loves his goodies!  My kids say I have him so spoiled.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in him.  He is pleasant to work with!  Under…

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Census, a half brother to Gr. 2 Miss Grillo S. winner PLUM ALI, was given a year of R&R after a career ending condylar fracture.  He is ready to find his new home! Due to his injury, he is best suited for light use as a pleasure horse. Currently, he…

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My name is Pernicious - a funny name - it means "having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way" which is not who I am! I am 11 years old, began my racing career as a 3 year old and finished my racing career as a 7…

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Bardstown has been such a great addition to our family. His calm demeanor and easy to get along with personality make him a joy to be around. He has become best buddies with his pasture mate, another OTTB named Lupe. They are both used for trail riding when time permits.…

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I was lucky to find SUMO late September 2015. A local connection took me to visit him at H. Graham Motion's farm in Fair Hill the day before my father passed away (I took it as a divine sign that we were meant to be). From day one, SUMO has…

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My name is Kelly and I'm from Minnesota. Last summer we were looking for another OTTB to add to the family because Thoroughbreds are the best breed on Earth! We saw Trend who raced for Stone Farm on the New Vocations adoption page and immediately made plans to drive the…

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In May of 2018, Vessel found a new job at the North American Racing Academy ( Vessel has and continues to be a key player in the BCTC / NARA Program. He has a demeanor that teaches the students how to handle a heavier racehorse, yet is intelligent enough to…

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