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My name is Kelly and I’m from Minnesota. Last summer we were looking for another OTTB to add to the family because Thoroughbreds are the best breed on Earth! We saw Trend who raced for Stone Farm on the New Vocations adoption page and immediately made plans to drive the 17 hours to see him. We’d been looking for a Warhorse for about a year and he fit the bill. Trend raced for 7 years, won lots of money, has a heart of gold and knew the minute we saw him that he had great potential for a 2nd career. He immediately took to english, jumping, trail riding and even gymkhana! After only 6 months of retraining, he’s ready for shows. We are jumping people and occasionally do games. We went to an event with high level barrel racers, in a straight run around the arena, and the first time he’d ever set foot in a competition, he swerved a little and still placed 2nd out of 36 horses! He made all the pro’s jealous, especially because he’s my fancy english horse. Our new boy loves to run, jump, be groomed and doted on and oh… he loves his 24/7 turnout lifestyle! When he saw the 10 acres of rolling hills for the first time, he went trotting off with my two mares following him. He’s got their hearts and ours… we’ll never let him go. Thanks again for my lovely boy.  Kelly Grussendorf