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Sound Effect

It’s kind of comical how I came to adopt Sound Effect.  I had my eye on a different horse, Cobra Kai, and sent my application in to adopt him from New Vocations.  I was approved to adopt.  About the time of my approval, Sound Effect came in.  My plan for one OTTB went out the window because I had to have him!   I’d asked for him and Cobra Kai to be put in the same pasture to make sure that they got on well, and he ended up getting along with him better than the other gelding he was pastured with.  So, on the weekend of Thanksgiving we loaded them up and brought them down south.  I did ask if he had a barn name, but they weren’t sure what it was, so we are calling him Ozzy.  It’s funny because I did consider calling him Sunny…but he is such a silly goofball that I went with Ozzy.
He is an absolute doll.  I fell in love the moment I saw him.  He is pastured with his new bff Cobra Kai and my Rocky Mountain mare, Farrah, my friend’s TWH Loretta and Patsy the mini.  My friend has twin 2 year old girls and he is so intrigued by them.  I’ve ridden him twice so far.  He did great both times.  He’s really taken to his new life quite easily.
I can assure you that he is loved and pampered and spoiled.  It was a dream of mine to have a retired racehorse and now I have two.
Heather Hinson