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I originally planned to come up with a new barn name for Noonsight, but Noon just stuck so that’s what I call him. It’s so nice to hear that his connections care so much about his life after racing!

I met Noonsight, aka Noon, at the Secretariat Center in Lexington in December of 2020 and immediately knew he was the one for me. He has a huge personality and loves attention from anyone and everyone, whether it’s humans, horses or dogs.  He’s an easy going guy on the ground but is all energy under saddle. He’s come a long way since I brought him home and has taken to jumping with great enthusiasm.  He’s done some cross country clinics and some jumper shows and recently even earned his first blue ribbon in the 2’6” jumpers.  He has been an absolute pleasure to bring along so far and I can’t wait to see where we will go as he continues to learn and progress!

Shannon Wilson, Connecticut