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My name is Pernicious – a funny name – it means “having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way” which is not who I am! I am 11 years old, began my racing career as a 3 year old and finished my racing career as a 7 year old. After racing ended for me, I was adopted by Maureen. She let me have some easy time after leaving the race track – we got to know each other and I learned a new routine, so different from my life as a racehorse. I have and continue to learn how to be a good jumping horse, which I LOVE, I am quite exuberant in my efforts!! I am also learning to be a balanced horse, so I can progress with my dressage test scores when we go to combined tests and horse trials. Dressage can be tough (I have to work hard and it is not so fun as JUMPING) but it makes me a stronger horse so I jump better. My mom, Maureen, loves me very much and we have become a team. I love living in Virginia where I get to live outside with my friends, many whom are also retired from racing. Maureen tells everyone she knows about the
athletic prowess of the Thoroughbred as well as the importance of Thoroughbreds getting a chance at a second career! I am proud to be a Stone Farm graduate racehorse!