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Making A Great First Impression

Stone Farm featured in ABC 36 News piece.
ABC 36 News

Lexington, Ky. (WTVQ) – People from all over the world are in Lexington for the 72nd Keeneland September Yearling Sale, starting Monday. It’s the world’s largest and most important auction of its kind. Potential buyers can spend thousands, even millions. So that first impression, as you can imagine, is irreplaceable.

There’s no guarantee these yearlings will perform. They don’t even have names yet. But since birth, they’ve been preparing like a champion for this moment.

“The whole horse industry is here for this sale,” says Kyle Klnozos, Yearling manager, Stone Farm.

Klonizos and his staff have been working with their six yearlings for months.

“You got to impress, you know,” says a Stone farm handler.

More than four thousand yearlings on display. So the look has to be flawless. Before these babies even walk out of the stable, there’s a checklist.

“Wipe them down, make sure their mane is laying down nice and straight on one side. Make sure their feet look good, everything is combed out,” says Klonizos.

With pen and paper in hand, potential buyers observe closely, taking notes.

“The better they look, the more they’re worth.”

Last year, total receipts topped $279 million dollars. Organizers say it’s been pretty consistent over the last couple of years, so they’re hoping this year will be right up there.

The Yearling Sale starts Monday at 11 a.m., and runs through the 26th.

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