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Caring for Horses in the Cold

WLEX18 News

When the temperatures dip to below freezing many folks may start to worry about their horses, whether they are warm and if it’s safe to keep them outside.

At the Stone Farm in Bourbon County, workers say it is best to let them stay outside and herd together for body heat. Keeping them in a stall by themselves actually works against keeping them warm.

“They will naturally herd together. They are herd animals and that generates a lot of body heat for them,” says Paul King.

If they are not doing so well, King says to blanket them, but most seem to enjoy this season.

“We had about eight or nine fillies in the back field. It was really fun to watch them because it really appeared as though they were just having a blast playing in the snow.”

King says while keeping horses warm may seem like the biggest concern, it is actually making sure they have enough food and water to get to that has been the issue.

“When it gets this cold, we’re looking at the water sources, even natural water sources, like spring-fed ponds. We had one freeze up yesterday and we actually had to bust a hole in it for the horses to get to,” King said.

And as for the humans? “It’s never going to get too cold for us to do what we do. We’ve got to do it. The horses are counting on us.”